Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Cooking is a whole lot of fun because it calls on the creativity of the chef. Cooking for a commercial purpose is a venture that requires certain skills that are beyond cooking for your household. To be able to cook as a professional chef commercially, certain things need to be in place; such things are the commercial kitchen equipment and the furniture.

Useful Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen

These are a few of the useful equipment in a commercial kitchen:

  1. Microwaves: you will need this equipment in your kitchen if you are to run a successful commercial restaurant.
  1. Fryers: customers will be able to buy fried food whenever they so desire and in whatever quantity all at once with a commercial fryer.
  1. Knives: in running a restaurant that requires cooking in a kitchen, the place of a professional chefs’ knife cannot be down played because most of what you will need to do in the kitchen will require cutting, chopping, slicing etc and all these activities need to be done with a knife.

Commercial toasters, coffee machines, dish washers, ovens, steamers, waffles and crepe machines, warming and holding equipment, charbroilers, griddles, water boilers, donut machines, contact grills, chafing dishes, warming showcase, popcorn machines, hot dog machines, cone baker, salamander machines, dish warmer, bain marie, combination cooking line, cutleries (table knives, serving spoons, spoons, teaspoons, teacups etc), dishes etc are all useful in a commercial kitchen.

It is however important to conclude by stating that when you are shopping for a commercial kitchen equipment, there is a need for you to go for brand names that have been tested and trusted because durability and sturdiness should be the goal of any kitchen equipment. You should also buy the equipment from stores that carry different types of kitchen equipment or you buy online from sites that offer a refund when the equipment does not meet your need. If you are buying a fairly used equipment, make sure it is tested to enable you be assured of the fact that it is functional.

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Buying Professional Chefs Knives

In recent years professional chefs knives have become a permanent fixture in domestic kitchens across the country. Once over knives of this quality were only ever seen in professional kitchens and were considered an unnecessary luxury by most home cooks. Traditionally, people were happy to stick with their current set of knives despite often struggling to cut, peel and chop their ingredients. Thankfully, many home cooks have now taken the step and invested in a quality set of these knives.

There are many benefits associated with purchasing a set of premium quality chef’s knives. Firstly, you’ll instantly notice that your blade glides effortlessly through ingredients which were once troublesome to tackle. Many home cooks have been put off attempting to work with certain ingredients because of their notoriously hard nature to prepare. They’d regard certain ingredients as incredibly awkward and would struggle to cut them and would avoid boning, filleting and gutting because they could not guarantee that their existing knives were good enough to ensure that breasts, legs and fillets were removed correctly.

Those who cook only at home may be put off by the price of a set of professional chefs knives however, when you consider the quality you’re buying, the longevity that premium knives guarantee and the undeniable ease of use it clearly makes sense to invest in a set. When it comes to selecting the right set for you there are number of factors you may wish to consider.

A good starting point is to read reviews of the various different brands out there to see which ones are performing the best. Once you’ve found a manufacture whose reputation impresses you your next step is to decide on which exact set would be best suited for you. Sets can feature anything from three to as many as twenty different knives so it’s important you find a set that won’t leave you short but at the same time will guarantee enough use to make purchasing them worthwhile. Naturally, your decision will rest upon how adventurous a cook you are, the more adventurous among you will require a wider selection of specialist knives while those who want quality but not necessarily a full range of specialised knives can opt for a small essential set.

Consideration should also be given to how you intend to look after, store and sharpen your knives as this will ensure that you continue to get the most out of your purchase.

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